Custom ECU Remapping

Put simply, unlocking the ECU Remapping Benefits involves re writing of your engines maps. Done within the specifications of the components, by experienced engineers

ECU Remapping Benefits

  • Power and drive ability increases of between 20 and 40 percent.

  • Improvements in Power and Performance

  • Better power means more efficient use of your gears

  • Improved torque, which is important for towing or carrying wight

  • 100 % custom, we write the map just for your car, as a result no 2 maps are ever the same


If you’re looking to achieve increased power, more torque for towing and more efficient use of your gears or simply want a custome map to bring the beast out of your vehicle, then get in touch


Vehicle Diagnostics

& Health Check

Do You Have The Engine Management Light On Or Flashing, However Your Car Is Running Fine?


Maybe Its Not Running At Its Best & You Want To Know Why?


We Can Read The Error Codes, And Check The Overall Health Giving You An Idea Of The Problem, Whilst Turning Off The Light,

Which Is Great If Your Just About To Have An MOT


Live Data

While Mapping We Monitor Your ECU's Data LIVE. This Is So We Can Monitor The Health Of Vital Parts During The Mapping...


Custom Map Addons

For Diesel Vehicles We Offer Addons Such As The Ever Popular Popcorn Limiter & More.

For Petrol Vehicles We Offer, But are Not Limited To The Popular Pop & Bang, Hard Cut, Rev Limiter Removal & More

These Are Only Available With a Modified Stage 1 Map Or Above

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!